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What is the Most Fuel-Efficient Chevy SUV?

2022 Chevy Equinox Parked Near Water


The battery-powered Bolt EUV is by far the Chevrolet lineup’s most fuel-efficient SUV, with 2022 models earning a combined EPA rating of up to 115 MPGe. That said, Chevy offers plenty of fuel-efficient SUVs with gasoline engines for Livonia-area drivers who aren’t yet ready to make the leap to an EV.



The smaller the SUV, the more mileage you’ll get from your fuel—so the most fuel-efficient SUV is the subcompact Trailblazer, followed closely by the Trax. Larger families may be more interested in Chevy’s most fuel-efficient midsize SUV, the Blazer.

Chevy SUV Model

Size Category

Estimated Gas Mileage
Bolt EUV


Up to 115 MPGe combined


Up to 29 city / 33 highway


Up to 24 city / 32 highway


Up to 26 city / 31 highway


Up to 22 city / 29 highway


Up to 18 city / 27 highway


Up to 21 city / 28 highway


Up to 21 city / 27 highway

Chevrolet Most Fuel-Efficient SUVs: Compact

Generally, the most fuel-efficient SUVs are subcompact and compact models. If you’re behind the wheel of a relatively small and light vehicle, it’ll take less fuel to get up to speed in Canton or Livonia. Here’s a look at the specs:

  • 2023 Trailblazer – Up to 29 city / 33 highway MPG
  • 2022 Trax – Up to 24 city / 32 highway MPG
  • 2022 Equinox – Up to 26 city / 31 highway MPG

Chevrolet Most Fuel-Efficient SUVs: Midsize

Many families are looking for a vehicle that’s large enough for carpools, luggage, sports gear, and more—but without compromising fuel efficiency. If that’s you, take a look at the Blazer, the most fuel-efficient midsize SUV in the Chevy lineup:

  • 2023 Blazer – Up to 22 city / 29 highway MPG
  • 2023 Traverse – Up to 18 city / 27 highway MPG

Chevrolet Most Fuel-Efficient SUVs: Large

If you need to maximize cargo room and passenger space with a large SUV, you’ll want to go with the Tahoe or the Suburban. The two earn very similar MPG estimates, but the former is the most fuel-efficient SUV in this category by a hair:

  • 2023 Tahoe – Up to 21 city / 28 highway MPG
  • 2023 Suburban – Up to 21 city / 27 highway MPG

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