What Does “Engine Power Reduced” Mean on a Chevy Equinox?

2022 Chevrolet Equinox Parked Outside Building

Why does my Chevy Equinox say “Engine Power Reduced”? What does “Engine Power Reduced” even mean on a Chevy Equinox? This is an automatically generated alert that indicates your SUV has a malfunction of some kind. If you get this alert on the Livonia or Canton roads, it’s important to get to a certified service center to diagnose and resolve the problem. While there’s no need to panic, it’s important to get your SUV checked and not let the issue slide – or you can expect your repair bill to get bigger and bigger. Learn more service tips and tricks with Gordon Chevrolet, Inc., and visit our service center today. 

Why Does my Chevy Equinox Say “Engine Power Reduced”?

So, why does my Chevy Equinox says “Engine Power Reduced” as I travel through Plymouth? Let’s break it down:

  • Each Chevy Equinox is built with an onboard computer (ECM). This small computer monitors your SUV’s performance components at all times.
  • If the ECM detects an issue, it activates “Limp Mode” and displays an “Engine Power Reduced” warning message.
  • “Limp Mode” puts specific limitations on your vehicle’s performance. You will have just enough power to get home safely, but not enough to take the scenic route around town. You can also call roadside assistance or a tow service to be on the safer side.
  • We recommend scheduling your service as soon as possible to get your SUV back in gear.

How to Fix “Engine Power Reduced” on Your Chevy Equinox

Now you know what “Engine Power Reduced” does mean on your Chevy Equinox, but how do you fix the issue for good? You’ll need to leave that up to the experts. That’s because “Engine Power Reduced” may be displayed for any number of reasons, so you’ll need to visit a service center with an ​​OBDII scan tool. This will allow the technicians to scan your ECM, diagnose the issue, and work through a way to correct it. But at Gordon Chevrolet, Inc., you’ll be in great hands and back on the road in no time.

Schedule Your Service at Gordon Chevrolet, Inc.

So, what does “Engine Power Reduced” mean on your Chevy Equinox? We’d be happy to help you find out. Contact us with questions about your Chevy or schedule your service today at our Garden City-based facility.


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