What to Know About Wheel Alignment

Tire Alignment

What is Toyota wheel alignment? How long does a wheel alignment take? These are questions that our service center often gets asked by drivers who want to make sure their vehicle is staying in peak performance. The simple answer is that wheel alignment service helps tires last longer and perform better on Livonia roads. But you might be surprised to know that wheel alignment service is actually an adjustment of the car’s suspension system — not the wheels or tires.

The service center at Gordon Chevrolet, Inc. has a lot of experience performing Toyota wheel alignments, and as a result, the total wheel alignment cost is never high when you trust the team at Gordon Chevrolet, Inc.. Continue to find out more about the Toyota wheel alignment with this guide from Gordon Chevrolet, Inc., to help you find out how long a wheel alignment does take, as well as what a wheel alignment is going to cost.

Signs That You Need A Wheel Alignment:

If your vehicle requires a wheel alignment, you’ll notice some pretty clear indicators. If your vehicle is experiencing any of the following signs, you shouldschedule an appointment at our service center today;

  • Pulling to the side
  • Tires are wearing unevenly
  • Quicker than normal tire wear
  • Squealing tires (usually when turning around a corner)
  • Steering wheel is not straight while driving

How Much Does Wheel Alignment Cost?

Wheel alignment costs vary for Plymouth drivers, but on average, two-wheel alignments usually cost around $50-$75. Four-wheel alignments are often more expensive and usually cost around $100-$170. Again, wheel alignment costs vary, and those are simply ballpark numbers. Contact our service team online for price estimates on wheel alignments and other tire and suspension services.

How Long Does a Wheel Alignment Take?

Typically, a Toyota wheel alignment service takes about one hour. This time estimate is the same, regardless of whether you drive a two- or four-wheel drive car around Canton. Wheel alignment can take longer than one hour if there’s significant damage to the suspension system and its components. Those parts will need to be replaced. This is why it’s important to address steering issues as soon as they develop.

Schedule Wheel Alignment at Gordon Chevrolet, Inc. Today!

Are you experiencing any of the issues noted above? Then the service team at Gordon Chevrolet, Inc. has you covered. Learn more about our service tips from our experts, or browse our selection of service specials to make sure that your vehicle is staying up to date on all of its maintenance needs without hurting your wallet.


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