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The exhaust system on your vehicle is made up of several parts that work in tandem to transfer harmful gasses and byproducts from your engine away from the vehicle. When one or more of these components fail, they can cause an exhaust leak, which may cause harmful gasses to enter the cabin. Our team in Garden City, MI can help you diagnose a gas leak, and they can help to repair it if necessary.
One of the easiest ways to spot an exhaust leak is with a visual inspection. Another way to tell that something is wrong is if you hear hissing or popping noises coming from your exhaust, or unusual vibrations when you touch your steering wheel. One of the most subtle ways to tell is by monitoring your gas consumption. If your average MPG goes down, there may be a problem.
If you have any questions about exhaust leaks or any other kind of service, our team of experts at Gordon Chevrolet is always ready to help. They will be able to easily diagnose the issue, and they will be able to repair the problem promptly.

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