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Brake fluid is vital to the safe operation of your vehicle’s brake system. When a driver presses the brake, a piston in a brake caliper is compressed. This result in brake fluid being sent into motion in the braking system. The released fluid places pressure on the brake rotors which in turn places force on the brake pads. This process starts to slow and then eventually stop wheel rotation.

You need to make sure that brake fluid is in peak condition. Over time, brake fluid degrades and becomes less effective. You need to have brake fluid changed as set forth in an owner’s manual or at least every year or two.
If you need to have your brake fluid checked or replaced or any other service performed, visit us at Gordon Chevrolet. Located in Garden City, MI we can arrange a service appointment, including a brake fluid change, at your convenience. For more service tips and tricks like how often should you rotate your tires, click here!

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